Are you looking to have a vasectomy done in Brisbane but are unsure as to where to begin?

A Vasectomy is a scary thing to most man, anything that involves your pride and joy usually is, it’s natural to feel  apprehensive about it however, Vasectomy is now considered a minor surgical procedure and has come a long way in just a few short years, If you’re looking to get a vasectomy in Brisbane or are unsure about what a vasectomy entails, we’ll be going over the basics about what you can expect to happen when you decide to undertake a vasectomy procedure.

What is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a surgical procedure performed under local anaesthetic that induces male sterilization, it is a procedure used  when a person has decided that they no longer wish to have children, this of course results in a permanent contraceptive for males.

During a vasectomy, the tubes vas deferens are cut and tied, the vas deferens are ducts that carry sperm cells from the epididymis where sperm is stored before ejaculation, when these ducts are cut or blocked, sperm will no longer be able to travel into the ejaculate thereby rendering the semen sterilised.

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A Vasectomy essentially cuts out the middleman, in that ejaculation can occur, but it carries no sperm.

A vasectomy is considered a minor surgical procedure, however, like all surgical procedures, there are some risks that involve testes pain and temporary local pain that can occur as a result of the surgery, therefore post vasectomy care is warranted to ensure you’re recovering properly.

A vasectomy will be discussed with your doctor during your vasectomy appointment as well as the details of your surgery, hopefully you decide to book a vasectomy appointment with Dr Mastakov.

Dr Mastakov performs this procedure at one of his vasectomy clinics, Dr Mastakov has over 26 years in the field of general surgery and specializes in a variety of different procedures and surgeries.

Dr Mastakov’s Surgery is available in three handy locations around the Greater Brisbane area, these locations are Hervey Bay, Cleveland and Sunnybank.

If you would like to know more about Dr Mastakov, or the surgeries he performs as well as his medical centre, please visit our website at to find more information about procedures, what procedures we offer, or send us an enquiry with questions you may have before or after you decide to book an appointment with us.

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