Surgery for breast cancer

An operation to remove the cancer, surrounding breast tissue and nearby lymph nodes, is usually the preferred first treatment.


Surgical procedures performed by Dr. Mastakov include:

  • Breast-conserving surgery – a small operation removes the cancer and some of the surrounding tissue, and usually some lymph nodes, leaving the bulk of the breast intact.
  • Mastectomy – the entire breast is removed, along with lymph nodes from the armpit. Extra cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy is often unnecessary.
  • Surgery of the armpit (axilla) – axillary dissection and sentinel node biopsy.

Non-cancerous Breast Conditions

Non-cancerous (benign) breast conditions are breast changes that are not cancer. They are very common and most women have them. In fact, most breast changes are not cancerous and are not life-threatening. Certain benign conditions are linked with a higher risk of developing breast cancer in the future and can sometimes cause discomfort. Depending on the type, size and number of benign tumours, your doctor may recommend surgical removal. Dr. Mastakov will advise you which surgery is best for you.

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