Haemorrhoids or piles are a common condition that result from the enlargement of the haemorrhoidal plexus and pathological changes in the anal cushions (a normal component of the anal canal). When treating symptomatic haemorrhoids, if they do not respond to conservative measures, HAL is the ideal procedure. Unlike a Traditional haemorrhoidectomy, HAL is designed to eradicate haemorrhoids without the need for cutting.

Dr. Mastakov uses an Angiodin Hemorrhoid Doppler system during the operation to identify the individual blood vessels (haemorrhoidal arteries) that supply the haemorrhoids. By ligating them one by one with sutures, blood supply to the haemorrhoids is reduced, and over time the haemorrhoids shrink away and the symptoms resolve. Because the operation does not involve cutting, there are no wounds, and a majority of patients feel well enough to go home the same or next day.

The Comepa Angiodin-Procto system

The Comepa Angiodin-Procto system is the latest technology in Doppler proctology and the result of 10 years of extensive research. The system performs a quick and precise identification of the Haemorrhoidal arteries which is audibly and visibly displayed on a touchscreen. This in turn allows the surgeon unmatched precise control and accessibility to perform safe and effective treatment of haemorrhoidal disease.

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