Dr. Mastakov treats patients with benign and malignant skin lesions, including the removal of skin cancers, LIPOMAS, skin tags, moles, sebaceous and inclusion cysts. The lesions can be removed under local or general anaesthetic depending on the type, size, location and number of skin lesions.

In-Rooms Lipoma Removal Brisbane and Hervey Bay

Lipomas are slow-growing fatty lumps that are most often found between the skin and the muscle layer.Usually detected in middle age, lipomas are not cancerous and are usually harmless, however, patients often seek treatment as they can become bothersome, painful, or grow. Of course, it is always best to seek your doctor’s advice whenever you notice any lump on your body.

The location and the size of the lipoma will usually determine whether the patient wishes to proceed with the removal. The visibility of lipomas makes them a greater concern for some patients, while for others, it is the placement or size that makes them uncomfortable.

In most cases lipoma removal does not need to be done within a hospital setting. We perform the removal procedure in our treatment rooms, saving you time and being friendlier on the budget.

Lipomas are removed with a surgical incision as a day surgery procedure, using local anaesthesia which allows you to return home on the same day.

Because we can remove lipomas in our treatment rooms, the procedure is more available to those patients without private health insurance.

Will a Lipoma Go Away on its Own?

Unfortunately, the only treatment to completely get rid of lipoma is excision. Your surgeon will make an incision in the skin and the lipoma will be cut out. Generally, they do not reoccur once they are removed, however on the odd chance they do come back.

Lipoma Removal Brisbane and Hervey Bay

At Dr Mastakov Surgery the removal of these lumps is affordable, allowing those without private health insurance to seek treatment easily.

If you have a lipoma that you would like removed, please get in touch. Our team can organise an initial appointment with Dr Mastakov, and book you in for removal.

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