Vasectomy is an operation that cuts the sperm transporting tubes called the vas deferens. This prevents sperm produced in the testes from entering into the semen. The goal of a vasectomy is to make a man sterile. This means that he will be unable to father children naturally. It is a very effective, safe and a permanent form of contraception.

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Post-Vasectomy Testing to Confirm Sterility

The Post-vasectomy testing (Semen Analysis) is used to determine successful vasectomy. This test measures presence, motility and volume of sperm.

Single post-vasectomy sperm count test is performed at 3 months after vasectomy (after at least 20-25 ejaculations). If this test comes back negative (showing azoospermia), no further testing is needed. If the sample is positive at three months, then periodic monthly testing can continue until azoospermia is reached.

For more information please refer to the Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology flowchart.


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