Weight loss can be a long and storied journey, for some it’s easy and for others, it can seem almost impossible, if you’re struggling with your weight loss journey, there may be a need to seek out alternative options in the world of surgery to lose weight,, but first, when and why should you choose to seek out this options? Let’s have a look below.

If conventional weight loss measures such as a change in diet and regular exercise regiment or, if there is an immediate risk of health deterioration due to excess weight or the patient are morbidly obese, gastric surgical options may be needed to help lose weight in a safe manner, let’s have a look at what one of the most common Gastric Surgeries entails.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Coming to the conclusion that Gastric Sleeve surgery may be required will be first discussed upon initial consultation, there, numerous things will be checked with you first beforehand to see if you’re a candidate for Gastric Sleeve surgery, this includes things such as pre-surgery, post-surgery, post-operative care, risk of surgery, as well as lifestyle factors, diet, and age.

There are numerous types of bariatric surgery and surgical procedures such as Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Band Surgery, Mini Gastric Bypass, however, the correct one for you will be discussed when you have an appointment and all of the above precautions and information have been discussed.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery involves the removal of a large part of the stomach, this leads to drastically reduce hunger because of the reduction of the hormone ghrelin which is responsible for the feeling of hunger, typically this surgery involves the surgeon creating a small sleeve in the stomach through stapling that is roughly 1 fifth of the size of the regular stomach, which allows patients who receive this surgery to feel fuller while consuming less food, the kick on effect is that with less hunger and less capacity to eat the amount of food they previously did, the patient then loses weight in the long term through a more natural approach, this is the advantages of the sleeve gastrectomy

Gastric Sleeve surgery almost always requires a night stay in hospital and sometimes can require 2 nights depending on your post-operative prognosis and post-surgery condition.

Where to receive Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Brisbane

Doctor Mastakov is a veteran surgeon currently operating surgeries at Mater Private Hospital, Sunnybank Private Hospital, and St Stephen’s Private Hospital, He is a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and has over 26 years of experience in weight loss surgery, his specialization is in Bariatric and Hernia surgery.

At his practice, Dr. Masatkov has performed numerous bariatric surgeries with high-quality patient care as well as helping patients to better understand their surgery or weight loss goals if you or a loved one is thinking about receiving bariatric surgery, you will be in no greater hands than DrMastakovSurgery.

For information on this or any other surgeries as well as general information, please visit  https://mastakovsurgery.com.au/ to see our services and surgical information or to contact us with an enquiry to request an appointment to visit us soon.

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