Haemorrhoids can often become a severe hindrance in life, sitting is one of the most basic functions of humans, and anything that interferes with that can cause an amazing amount of discomfort and concern in your daily life.

While typical haemorrhoids and their symptoms usually go away on their own, or with lifestyle changes, however sometimes for severe cases a procedure may be required to remove haemorrhoid tissue and alleviate symptoms, thankfully this procedure that is generally safe and can be done as a day case and performed under local anesthetic or general anesthetic depending on the severity.

Let’s have a quick look at what a haemorrhoidectomy consists of and how it is treated.

What causes it?

Haemorrhoids are lumps that can occur around or inside the anal canal leading to severe discomfort, haemorrhoids are generally causes by a number of factors such as obesity, straining during bowel motions and movements, pregnancy or sitting for long periods of time.

Haemorrhoidectomy Brisbane & Hervey Bay

Once haemorrhoid tissue begins to form it eventually forms into lumps that make opening your bowels extremely painful and can cause itching or bleeding and can act as an open wound of sorts, there are numerous ways to alleviate these symptoms before surgery such as eating a high fibre diet, taking stool softeners or consulting your GP before it becomes a serious problem.

However as we said, sometimes they will require surgery to remove to get you back to full function

What to expect from a Haemorrhoidectomy

Your surgeon will explain to you what will happen during your procedure with you before it begins, most hemorrhoidectomies follow three general practices, the haemorrhoids are cut away from the anal canal, the hemorrhoids can be pulled inside the rectum and stapled into place or, the arteries that supply the blood to the haemorrhoids are closed off to alow them to shrink in size.

Whilst the surgery is relatively simple, it’s what happens post operatively that is the important part, you may be in a severe amount of pain for the next 48 hours that will eventually taper off after the initial trauma, generally patients are released the same day however your surgeon may recommend an overnight stay.

You may need to take a few weeks off work during your recovery and participate in your own active recovery, recovery includes eating a high fibre diet to allow waste to travel more freely, drink plenty of water, use stool softeners and more practical applications such as taking a salt bath to help your body recover and heal.

If you want to know more about this procedure or what it entails, we here at Doctor Mastakov’s Surgery are ready to assist you. At Doctor Mastakovs Surgery we offer this procedure and many others under the guiding hands of Dr Mastakov himself, available in Hervery Bay & Brisbane. Please visit our website to send us an enquiry or call us to book a consultation and appointment for all of your surgical needs.

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